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Initial Payload

This is the first post on the server (so long as no one else beats me to it). There is not too much else to say. The permanence of this server is not guaranteed and it is only up until we all realize that we don't need something like this.

who is this for?

This is the question I am still asking myself. Everyone with the mental capacity to write markdown with a minimum character limit is capable enough to roll their own website. Everyone who is not capable probably doesn't have the attention span required to reach the minimum character capacity. I will remain cynical about the state of the internet until the day I die.

Cynicism aside, this website is for the types of people who want a nonsense free place to write without hosting their own webserver or subjecting themselves to the torturous conditions of mainstream social media.

but why?

Every exercise is an exercise in futility but this particular exercise seems more futile than others due to the fact that the mechanics of this website were deliberately chosen to be uninteresting to the illiterate and unwelcoming to those who are not long winded. There exists no such place like this currently and it would make sense to experiment for the sake of experimentation.

what can I use this for?

You can write about anything you want. I am a free speech absolutist and will not censor any posts or comments. Anything legal to in the US is allowed on this server. Write your blog, essay, political dissertation on whatever. Generally, be kind and receptive to constructive criticism. I will not implement a code of conduct because I am still delusional about the possibility of an internet where the users act in good faith.

Possibly the one feature I did not include in the about page is that image hotlinking is supported (use your own server or Please consider the following and issue any complaints here;

complaints department

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